Communicable Disease
& COVID-19 Plan

The safety of our campers, staff, and camp community
has always been of the highest priority to us.

With the help of the Vermont Health Department, CDC, American Camping Association, Association of Camp Nursing, and other camps we have put together a Safety & Response Plan to address communicable diseases specific to COVID-19.

As we continue to evaluate best-practices we will continue to update this plan, and we will keep our families and staff up-to-date with all important information. Note that updates/changes will be posted in red. With better testing and vaccine availability, plans could change considerably by the summer. We are planning for another amazing summer at Windridge.

We know that nothing is ever completely risk-free. We will be taking abundant precautions to mitigate the risk.

Windridge Tennis & Sports Camps communicable disease/outbreak plan includes:









    In preparing for the summer, it is imperative that our families stay informed as we continue to learn and adjust our plans with COVID-19. We want you to feel comfortable with the steps we are taking to open camp and to minimize risk. We will communicate through email, our website, and newsletters.

    • We will be creating a Camp Bubble this summer and will take every measure possible to minimize the risk. Once staff and campers arrive at camp they will be required to wear a mask any time they are off campus.

    • All staff are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and up to date on booster vaccinations.

    • An up-to-date Health History Form is required of all our campers and staff.

    • The Physician's Examination Form is required of all our campers and staff. We do understand that physical appointments may be more difficult to schedule at this time, and we will accept physicals completed within 18 months of camper arrival.

    • A Pre-Arrival Screening Form, available on the portal, will be required for all campers and staff. It MUST be handed in on arrival day. It will ask about COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, and testing.

    • Pre-Arrival Testing for COVID-19 is mandatory for all campers, regardless of vaccination status. All campers will be required to have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of opening day unless they have tested positive for COVID within 90 days of camp. In addition, unvaccinated campers will need to take a rapid antigen test at home the morning of camp. If your camper is vaccinated and has a negative PCR test, no rapid test is required.

    • If your camper's PCR test comes back positive, we ask that you quarantine at home for 5 days after the positive test. If your camper is symptom free and not running a fever after 5 days, they may come to camp and we will prorate the days they missed.

    • If your camper has a positive PCR test before camp and you decide not to send your camper, we will refund your tuition payment.

    • If your camper has a positive COVID-19 test result within 90 days of opening day, please share that positive test result, and no PCR test or rapid test before camp is necessary.

    • In camp Screening & Testing will include taking temperatures and rapid COVID-19 testing.

    • More information about how a Healthy Camp Starts at Home will be sent out to families and staff before camp starts.

    • We will expand our health center to include an isolation area of nearby cabins. When a camper or staff person comes to the health center for care, they will first go to an outside open-air, tented triage area. There, a temperature check will be taken and, based on symptoms and needs, they will be directed where to go.
      • All First Aid & Basic Care cases (no fever and/or communicable symptoms) will be directed to the front porch of the health center to be treated by one of our camp nurses.

      • Anyone presenting with a fever of 100.4 or greater but no other COVID-19 Associated Symptoms will hydrate and continue to be monitored by our nurses in the triage area. If fever persists after hydration, the patient will be admitted to the health center where they will remain fever-free for 24 hours without medication at which time they can return to activities.

      • Anyone with a fever of 100.4 or greater AND exhibiting one or more additional COVID-19 symptoms will get a rapid COVID-19 test in a separate isolated COVID-19 testing area. We will notify parents if their child is tested for COVID-19.

      • Anyone presenting two or more COVID-19 associated symptoms without a fever will be further assessed by a nurse and doctor, if needed, to determine the next steps (strep test, COVID-19 rapid test, etc.)

    • Symptoms that could indicate a COVID-19 infection include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

    • Adequate washbasins and/or sanitizing pumps will be placed at key locations throughout the camp.

    • Activities will end earlier to give time for appropriate hand washing and cleaning of equipment before moving on to the next activity.

    • Constant reminders to keep hands away from their faces.

    • Maintain at least 30” between beds and sleep head-to-toe (top bunk has the person’s head at one end, the bottom bunk has the person’s head at the other end).

    • Health Center staff will isolate people with questionable symptoms until the communicable illness can be ruled out.

    • Staff will direct campers complaining of gastro-intestinal upset to the Health Center for assessment.

    • Foodservice staff will know and implement safe food handling practices.

    • When food service personnel have questionable symptoms, especially those associated with the gastro-intestinal tract, we will keep them away from food preparation until appropriately improved.

    • We will be using outdoor and porch seating to help maintain distancing during meals.

    • During camper orientation in addition to the normal procedures we will communicate the following:
      • What camp is doing to protect everyone from getting sick

      • Ground rules for operating in smaller groups

      • Hand washing protocols

      • Physical distancing guidelines and policies for when masks will be necessary

      • Dining Hall procedures

      • What symptoms to look out for and when to report them to a nurse

      • Remind campers that personal supplies – hairbrushes, pillows, caps, contact lens solutions, make-up – belong to the owner and should not be shared with others.

      • One drinks only from one’s personal drinking cup; no sharing.

      • Increase the social distance between people, especially in dining rooms.

      • Sleep head-to-toe rather than nose-to-nose – in bunks, tents & so forth. Go for the greatest distance between sleeping heads.

    • Staff orientation/training will include illness-reducing strategies taught by our camp nurses. This will be monitored by all program heads.
      • How is COVID-19 spread?

      • What are the symptoms?

      • Prevention techniques

    • All staff (support staff and counselors) will be trained on how to properly clean and disinfect.
      • All cabins, bathrooms, and public areas will be disinfected daily

      • The kitchen and dining hall will be cleaned and disinfected after each meal

      • All program areas and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after each period.

    • In the event that a camper tests positive, he/she will be immediately isolated from other campers, monitored closely, and treated as necessary. Upon identifying a positive case, the camper’s parent(s) or guardians will be notified and they will have the option to have the camper quarantine at camp or pick them up. We understand that some campers may be coming from a long way away and parents may not have the option to easily pick them up early.

    • If there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, we will notify all families by email while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with HIPPA standards. We are not able to share any names or identifying information regarding medical information for any person.

    • Parents of the campers in the cabin where a positive case is identified will be updated on their own child’s health, along with how the situation is being monitored and managed.

    • We are required to notify state and local health officials of any confirmed positive test.

    • We will designate a Director to whom parents of ill campers can speak and who will stay in touch with parents to keep them updated.

    • Large camp events will be held only outside with proper distancing.

    • Masks will be worn by campers and staff when they are unable to maintain physical distancing with people outside of their pod.

    • There will be no out-of-camp trips.

    • No visitor policy with few exceptions means that only campers and staff will be on camp property.

    • Only food delivery trucks and other essential services are permitted onto camp. Drivers will not have any direct contact with campers or staff and will be required to wear appropriate PPE and maintain physical distancing while on camp property.

    • Only designated staff will be able to leave camp for camp business.

    • We will not allow packages of any size for campers. If campers forget essential items parents should contact the camp to make arrangements for the camper to receive the item.


    • Yes, we will have Teela-Games (some events may need to change a bit)

    • Yes, we will have private lessons and Carnival (some adjustments will need to be made)

    • Yes, we will have your favorite evening activities (again with some adjustments)

    • All campers will need to have a negative COVID PCR test 72 hours before travel and quarantine between the time the test is taken and arrival at camp, regardless of vaccination status. (Sorry but a rapid test will not be acceptable.) Please consult your area clinics, pharmacies, or hospitals to be sure you can get a PCR test in a timely manner. We will need proof that the test was negative before campers will be allowed to enter the camp.

    • Unvaccinated campers are required to take a rapid antigen test at home the morning of camp. As part of our arrival procedure, Windridge staff at camp, the bus, and the airport will be looking for a picture of the rapid test result from unvaccinated campers, and, if applicable, the negative PCR test result.

    • Vaccinated campers and those who have had COVID within 90 days of camp will not need to rapid test the morning of drop off.

    • Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow parents to go up to the cabins or walk around camp in order to limit potential exposure and create a safe bubble for our staff and campers.

    • On or after day seven of each session, rapid testing will be conducted on all campers.

We would like nothing more than to run camp as we always have but unfortunately we have to follow state guidelines and hope they will be loosening them by this summer.

Revised 6/10/2022