Counselor In Training Program

Designed to provide young people with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, discover life skills, and improve their athletic skills.
Windridge staff and students large group photo

The CIT program is designed to provide young people with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, discover and build life skills, and improve their athletic skills.

Because of our unique nature as a sport-specialty camp within the framework of a traditional camp, our counselors need to have skills in two distinct areas; camp counseling (residential life) and sports coaching. The CIT program was established to teach counseling skills, while also providing an opportunity for participants to continue developing their own sports skills. The program focuses on health and safety, camper care, programming, and leadership skills.


  • Desire to become a camp counselor
  • 16 years of age and entering junior year of high school, or its equivalent (this coming summer)
  • Previous Windridge camper
  • Mature, trustworthy, responsible, leadership qualities, and ability to abide by camp rules and regulations
  • All CITs must attend at least one session but would encourage you to attend two if possible

CIT's will meet as a group each day for one hour with the CIT Director as part of the counselor training program. This will include the program, resident life, evening activities, and special events.


  • Participate in a camp community service activity.
  • Assist in operating the camp store.
  • Assist in evening activities and special events.
  • Plan, set up and decorate the camper banquet.
  • Live in a cabin with campers under the guidance of a mentor counselor.
  • Select at least one activity major to train in as an instructor.
  • The daily schedule of eight periods will include:
    • Two periods of training in a major program
    • Two elective periods
    • One period CIT training course
    • One period free time


  • Read through all the materials.
  • Decide if you are willing to accept the responsibilities of a Counselor In Training.
  • Complete the CIT application.
  • Complete the Camper Application.
  • Explain in a one-page essay, why you'd like to be a CIT.
  • Submit a letter of reference.

The cost of the program is half the price of the normal camp tuition for the two sessions in which you are participating.

Once the above process is complete and you have been accepted into our program, you will receive an agreement from us that needs to be signed by you, your parent, and then returned to us.