Sports Teams

campers playing tug-o-war

Pre-Season Sports Training Camps & Team Building in Vermont

Windridge has hosted numerous sports teams, games, and tournaments. With the ability to provide great programming, lodging, and sports-specific food service, Windridge has been able to create a unique experience. If you are a team that is looking for that extra edge before the season in an atmosphere that allows for true team bonding, Windridge is the place to be. When teams are not training, athletes can take advantage of our many facilities in the camp. Whether they are looking for a friendly game of beach volleyball or a swim at the pool, a schedule can be made to meet your needs.

Many of the teams take advantage of our staff to help them develop a team-building model using various locations and facilities at camp. We use low ropes course elements or group initiatives that are designed to explore team interaction, problem-solving, and leadership. Challenges may be physical or emotional and incorporate trust activities to strengthen the individual and team bond.

Some of the teams that have experienced our facility are: University of Vermont men's soccer team, Saint Michael's women's soccer team and women's basketball team, Newbury College men's soccer team, Hanover High School, Essex High School, Colchester High School, Springfield High School men's soccer teams, Hartford High School women's soccer teams, MMU High School women's x-country team, and Vermont Grassroots Tennis Camp. With our all-inclusive pricing, Windridge is an affordable choice for schools and teams.